Anthony McCarthy

Manchester, Salford and beyond

Anthony McCarthy Artist

Anthony McCarthy

Anthony McCarthy takes his inspiration from Manchester City Centre, Salford and beyond. Working on paper using mixed media, McCarthy is inspired by the architecture and structures of the urban environment. They are scenes that have the ability to evoke personal memories.

Each drawing contains a wealth of fine detail and highly personalised mark making that make these drawings very unique. Furthermore, most works are produced as Limited Edition Prints.

Manchester University by Anthony McCarthy


Manchester based artist Anthony McCarthy’s drawings are a detailed exploration of urban life in Manchester and Salford. Recent works depict Rylands library, Vinyl Exchange on Oldham Street, Lowry Art Centre Salford and Central Library. McCarthy’s obsessive use of pen and ink are utilised to build up lines and layers adding depth and a unique quality to each of the drawings. McCarthy has an eye for detail; streets and buildings are meticulously excavated onto paper.

McCarthy is inspired by graphic design and printmaking after having studied these techniques in detail while at University. Futhermore, McCarthy’s work has parallels with the work of the British artist, L S Lowry. Given that McCarthy has provided interpretations of the Lowry collection of paintings and drawings to audiances for over ten years, it is easy to see how he has been inspired. Like Lowry, the architecture in McCarthy drawings tower over any human activity; the everyday presents itself through a web of lines and intensive perspectives.

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